How We Do It


1. Initial Meeting

We will meet with you and discuss your ideas, visit your site, and gather as much information as we can. Then a full part estimate will be provided to you. If it’s about right, we can enter into the design and feasibility stage.

2. Design the home you want

This where the designer comes in. We will draw up your desired house into a concept plan and help you get a detailed survey of your land. This will allow us to give you a very accurate price. 

3. Signing Contract

If everything has been agreed on you will have; a set of concept plans, an accurate estimate, a detailed specification of what products are included, and an independent Master Builders Contract. We will help you understand our contract and give you copies for your lawyer to check. 

4. Building Stage

Here we will do the leg work for you while providing frequent updates on the process to ensure we all on the same page. 

36 Borman 9 & 10
202 Borman Front

5. Completion of your dream home

Nearly done! We will meet with you on site and complete a final quality check together. This provides an opportunity for you to point out anything that you feel may need to be improved or amended. If there is anything, we will make it right for you. At this stage the 10-Year Master Builders Guarantee will also be transferred to you.

6. Move in

Congratulations, we made it! Handing over the keys to your completed dream home is the most satisfying part of the job. We appreciate the opportunity to be at your service and wish you well!

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